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5 Star Service

Customer is everything to us. We promise to deliver highest level if customer service and satisfaction

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5 Star Ratings

We are rated 5 star everywhere for our services. We are known to deliver highest quality parts and service in the city

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Cost Effective

No hidden costs or surprises. Complete transparency of prices with upfront quotes and timely delivery

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Fully Licensed

All our technicians are fully licensed & experienced to handle all european, import or domestic vehicles.

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Meet performance

We are proven to deliver ultimate performance for the street and track

  • High quyality fluids like engineered for endurance
  • Full road course preparation with reliability & longivity in mind.
  • Unmatched Street performance packages
  • Drag preparation to deliver quickest 1/4 & 1/2 mile times
  • Support that you will never find elsewhere
  • Proudly Canadian

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